06 September 2007

Today... I am an Artist!

Artistaday.com’s goal is simple. They feel artists are under-valued, under-exposed, and generally under-appreciated. Awesome, me too! They want to bring attention to artists that otherwise don’t get the attention they deserve. True dat boo's! If they can bring their art to one person that would have otherwise missed the opportunity to see it, they feel like we have made a contribution to the art community. If you like the artist’s work, take a second to leave a comment to tell them so. If you don’t, feel free to tell them that as well (constructive criticism is always appreciated). Artistaday.com doesn't intend to showcase all the artist’s work, in fact they only show one or two images by the artist. Be sure to continue through to the artist’s website to find more of their work.

And today, I was very flattered when they featured my work! So excited. Thank you Artistaday.com! I appreciate all that you do!

Check out their site here!

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