20 February 2008

Evolution of a Bookcover

No matter what point you are in your career, there will always be lots and lots of resketches. SOmetimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons, but hopefully in the end, things come out perfect. Covers are extra tricky, since there is typically a whole separate group of peoplewho need to approve it. Marketing. Makes sense, since we all know that a cover does sell a book!


Sal Darji said...

I always judge a book by its cover. I'm pretty sure I judge beer by its label too. My friends in Minneapolis spent a lot of time brewing beer and bottling it with custom labels.

Perhaps we should emulate them and brew some beer. You can redo beer bottle labels to your heart's content. You have to leave some to bottle though.

tracey said...

ahhhh... you have been busy! that's why i haven't found you!!!

i love seeing the progression of your sketches!