09 February 2008

Kelmurphy.com v4 is live!

Come check out the new website. It's been about 4 years since it had had a new look, so I am kind of excited. It's just the beginning of more updates, so stay tuned.

Also another big announcement, Shybird Studios is also recently launched! Come check out all the new webtastic happenings!


Dusty Pony said...

Wow Choops! Your site looks amazing! The Flash stuff is awesome and the layout is really beautiful!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Really liked the new site--tons of new art! VERY cool!

AlanaMcCarthy said...

The new site looks awesome! Congrats on putting it up.. I know how long changing things around can sometimes take.

Anonymous said...

Brill. E. ent! What a fantastic web-site you have, and all those wonderful wonderful pictures, well done!

Anonymous said...

The website is beautiful! :-)