11 March 2008

Hearts and Stars to you Claude!

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the end of an absolutely legend, Claude François. Although he was a legend, he was just a man. Albeit a man who needed to change a light bulb even when all common sense, electric warning tags, and your mom told you to never do it in water. Opinions of Claude echo across the land, and speculations about his personal life abound. Why do I have respect for a described "egotistical, perverse, mean, ill-tempered control freak and perfectionist" man? With dance moves that would cause me bodily harm and energy enough for a whole warren of rabbits, he never stopped smiling.

Don't let Sinatra tell you about His Way, Claude. Tell em like it really is... Comme D"habitude... as usual.

* a side story: Antoine's niece, an avid CloClo fan at the age of four openly wept and yelled "I'll never get to meet him!" after learning about Claude's death. I felt her pain.

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