23 March 2008

Seven Impossible Things Feature

The lovely ladies, Jules and Eisha, of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast were more than kind to feature some of my work today! I've never met a nicer couple of girls, and I was flattered when they approached me!

About the Blog {Begun in August of 2006):
Jules and Eisha's vision for this blog is pretty simple: we’re going to talk about the books we read. We read lots of different kinds of books: picture books for toddlers, memoirs, young adult fiction, graphic novels, Man Booker Prize-winning high-art metafiction, whatever. And we’ll write about them, whenever we can, in the hopes that we can a.> let you, the reader, know about a book that you might like to read, too; and b.> inspire discussion about said books. So, if you read one of our critiques and want to chime in with a comment, please do.

What on earth would us illustrators and authors do without dedicated people like this?
Thanks so much guys!


jules said...

It our entirely our pleasure!

jules said...


Let me try that again:

It WAS entirely our pleasure (not enough coffee yet this morning)....