21 May 2008

Another Creative Outlet

While spending sometime with my brother's family in North Carolina, my castle making obsession is in full force. In the past on riverbanks and beaches, my brother Mike and I would construct the best civilizations that laughed in the face of nature. An isthmus in a river? They said it couldn't be done, but it was done and our civilization survived! Made mostly from dripping sand, we'd discuss how our city was building residences and forming their government, so on and so forth.

Now, back at the beach after a long hiatus, I am instilling a healthy creative outlet for the next generation of Murphys (even though at the age of 6 and 3, they mostly want to Godzuki crush everything). This is pretty much super fun.


Ben said...

Ahhh..aunt kelly you're right about the super fun part...but actually... I am only 5!

kelmurphy said...

Woah, Ben. Your typing is stellar! I figured I'd give you those few extra months to hit the great age of six. Sorry little dude.