16 May 2008

Practicing What I Preach

At the close of each semester at Montserrat, all students have to have a final panel review. An assortment of teachers from each discipline assemble to give their input as to the year's progression. One thing I find myself constantly telling ALL majors is: Keeping drawing, loosen up, try new media...

Being under persistant deadline pressures as an illustrator can force you to lose focus of what really is important in improving one's skills. Now that my freelance load has been lightened slightly, I am practicing what I preach. No more are the days of tight renderings! No more are the days of tickling! I will be EXPRESSIVE! Well, ok. Slow down, we're not making Pollacks here, but at least it's nice to experiment with more liquid sketch materials.

I almost feel a bit nude, as an illustrator, not to have a mission. It feels almost uncomfortable not to have a set dimension, art direction, style, and character list. I am back in the days where I am the true master and commander. So what do I like to do? I dunno! I think it's time to find out again in order to propel myself into the next chapter. Being a borderline hermit, working late at night, I frequently enjoy looking at the assortment of apparel and body shape of Yvan Rodic's (also know as the Face Hunter) photos. I hope he doesn't mind. SO I will use this a spring board.


jjk said...

kelly - this is awesome! i love it!

i hear you about the pressures of deadlines, etc. my traveling schedule has been especially nuts this year and i would love time in the studio just to create!

ChatRabbit said...

I am in the midst of a style shuffle too- and I am lovin' it. Looser, and giving myself permission to NOT be perfect. But I have to remind myself continuously.
I love this sketch you put here- very different from your book stuff, but still very Kellyish.

Jessica said...

I love when you get to sit down and just let yourself come up with whatever you want, it's suprising sometimes!! I like this loose, blotchy wash style you got goin' on! The black/white makes it very moody!