31 January 2009

Sneak Peek: Beastologist

I don't want to spoil how cool this book actually is going to be. I really am so excited while making this artwork, it's like R.L. LaFevers wrote it just for my imagination.

I AM PUMPED. Things being crossed off the list. No way near being anywhere calm, but it's progress! With a potential wedding (don't ask, me and the USCIS are not on speaking terms) in two months, crossing things off is only replaced with ten more items on the list. Which means at some point, I will need some sort of break and a chance to write a new beer review.


Claudio Tomassini said...

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Nina Crittenden said...

Holy cow! You have been so busy! All of your paintings are lovely- and I really like the look on the snow monkey's face! I am a huge LOST fan, too! That show is way too cool! Thanks for showing us what you have been working on, and have fun with the Beastologist!

Anne-Marie said...

Looks AWESOME - just up your alley. I am glad you are enjoying it! Can't wait to see you!