03 July 2009

Upcoming Mediums

Just a quick ink study of a previous sketchbook drawing. Shybird is gearing up for some test samples of their first book together, and are VERY excited. It will be black and white, ink washes with brushwork. We cannot wait to show more!

This additive method of medium (ink wash upon ink wash) is a strange way for me to work, but I am really enjoying the process. Typically I subtract my tones, working from darker to lighter. I am also really enjoying the randomness and uncontrolability (is that a word) of the absorbs ion. Wow, what an art nerd.

PS) Beer review of Bohemia is coming!


Andrew Marathas said...

Fantastic! How large is this piece?

Nina Crittenden said...

I am such a fan of yours!

kelmurphy said...

Aw shucks guys! Thank you!

Andrew, it' not crazy big.. about 4x9?

jjk said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!

Melissa Hastings said...

Words cannot describe how this picture makes me feel! I am in LOVE!! You are an AMAZING artist, Kel!