30 December 2009

Lawn Dandruff 2K9!

Well, it certainly is that time of year again. The warm smell of cookies, the light flurrying of snow... and more importantly the zazzle of electric glow. Lawn Dandruff Night 2009 had a few obstacles in its way, but we got it done, and in regal style! With baileys, bourbon, and whiskey in our flasks, off we went, camera's in hand!

We had originally scheduled it a week before before Christmas Day, and had even rented a twelve person van to facilitate this years growing interest. But low and behold... we got a blizzard that dumped 15 inches of snow on that very night. Gah! So, we agreed to make it for December 29th. Also new to this year, was a location change! We decided to hit a bustling suburb of Boston, and thank our lucky stars, it did not disappoint.

So let's get down to it... the best of 'druff, the worst of 'druff. I saw a rising trend of angels, penguins, and bear this year, with a steady decline of Santas on choppers and blow up ornaments in general. I am thinking the hard hit economic times made people think twice about running those loud fans all night. Thank bejesus! One of the more fascinating, yet slightly morose finding this year was a dandruff cemetery. With Christmas day long over, the owners decided to let all of these wonderful plastic gems sit there in a dark, frozen wasteland. It was quite moving. There is a certain sadness when one unplugs all of the lights, and boxes all the glitter. With only President's Day to help focus us through January... we need some of that glitter! Another morose find was a dead reindeer, a probable victim of the previous week's blizzard. I've seen this kind of carnage before, and they always come back guys. Those reindeer are invincible!

These small sad happenings were outweighed by a great party, and increasing amount of insanely colored LED lights, two cars of Dandruffin' fun, big buck riding (A NEW EVENT), Chinese food, and most importantly... scorpion bowls. So, come snow or shine... Lawn Dandruff survived the blizzard of 2009!

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