31 December 2008

Lawn Dandruff 2K8

On Monday, December 22nd, one of my favorite holiday events occurred: Lighted Lawn Dandruff Night. It basically consists of Tracey, Sal, Evan, Ann, and I piling into a car, flasks in hand (except for our trusted driver of course), the tripod ready, and this year... snowpants and gloves as our adorned costumes. Sounds stupid right? Nooo way. I really love to see the neighborhoods and the sometimes amazing, sometimes horrid taste in holiday decorations. Here's a compilation of this year's finds. Penguins and teddy bears seemed to be the popular items.

At one moment, in the bowels of Raynham, I spotted a wonderous inflatable penguin. I had to have it. Leaping over a 2 foot snowbank with the tripod, I crunched through the expansive lawn. The snow was hard, but was determined. Spiking the tripod into the snow and then focussing my lens, the family appeared in the windows. Of course, like an insane person... I freaked and ran. Leaping over the 2 foot snow bank onto the street where the 'buru awaited... my legs gave out from the cold temperatures. My knees slammed into the tar, and my body spilled to the ground. But I saved the tripod!! The knees on the other hand... not so good. I am just hoping I didn't hurt my patellar tendon on top of all the other damage in there form previous injuries. It was worth it just to hear everyone yelling "GET UP!!! RUUUNNN!", as a car was approaching me in the middle of the road. The panic level was almost like a T-Rex chasing me though the woods. Good times.

Last but not least... here's the merry party.

This years motto, "Flasks up! Pants Down!" While no one actually took their pants off we saw many risque inflatable animals with no pants. Donald Duck it, you crazy critters!

Happy New Year to all!


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Next time, instead of running, just smile and wave. If questioned, you can really get away with a lot if you say you're an artist taking reference photos. Most folks are flattered!

Please say hi to Ann for me!

Gis said...

ehehe someone had a lot of fun :D :D
also i saw you have new prints in etsy!! gonna have to go check that out!! :D :D :D

Tanja said...

LOL -- that looks like one of my penguin airblowns you captured. I used to do product designs and illustration for that holiday decor company. :)

kelmurphy said...

Christina... I will take your advice! It's just that panic, like when you were little, caught doing something you shouldn't be doing.

Gis... it was fun, but i am jealous it's summertime where you are!

Tanja... that is a GLORIOUS penguin. Worth 4 weeks recovery. Congrats!