10 December 2008

Cybils 2008!

Holy cow, I am on the slow bus for sure! This busy fall has left me behind in any and all news. I'm literally drowning in a deep dark ocean of deadlines (I hope to have posts of all the projects soon). BUT I saw that Hush Little Dragon, by Boni Ashburn, was nominated for a Cybils award! How cool! Here's a bit about the awards by Anne Levy:

"We wanted a literary competition that combined the freewheeling democracy of the Internet with the thoughtfulness of a book club. Cybils lets the public nominate books here on our Cybils blog, but then bloggers team up to pick the finalists and winners. The winning books must combine quality and "kid appeal."

It's the third annual celebration, so definitely check it on out. All of the books listed there are pretty darn amazing, and I am honored to be included. Buy books this holiday season! They last forever!

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