15 December 2008

Holiday Crunch

I typically find myself more than overwhelmed around this joyous time of the year. Maybe it's the convergence of publishing deadlines, the end of the school semester, or the impending doom of a new year (which means getting taxes in order!!!), but I am ALWAYS freaking out in December. I think it can be a very good thing, making me avoid and miss holiday parties that have holiday beverages. No need to get crazy up in the egg nog and become the jpg forward of the year!

So, from now until mid January, I will be slaving away like the elves in Santa's workshop. Woah. Maybe I AM an elf in Santa's workshop! Here are a few images from Peach Boy. Ho Ho HO!


Nina Crittenden said...

Hi! I am such a fan or your work- it is just lovely! The woodland party is darling, and I just fell in love with Hush, Little Dragon! It was fun to find your blog and website! Wishing you all the best!

Kyle. said...

I can't tell if the monster on the far left is enjoying being bitten or not..