16 May 2011

Trail Of Tears

This past winter, Montserrat College of Art hosted another illustration theme show, this year's being Wild West. I opted to go for a more somber approach, focusing on the suppression of the Native American tribes, particularly related to the Trail of Tears.

In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee people called this journey the "Trail of Tears," or, as a direct translation from Cherokee, "The Trail Where They Cried" ("Nunna daul Tsuny"), because of its devastating effects. The migrants faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the forced march. Over 4,000 out of 15,000 of the Cherokees died.

It might be gentle in color and contrast, but I kind of like the quieter approach that describes something so tragic.

Here's a detail:


Anna said...

Simply breath taking. I love "following" your blog. thank you for the peek!

Debra Cooper said...

Beautifully haunting. There was a PBS program about this story, it was quite sad to think how America came to be.

I too love following your blog. Your work is just amazing.