04 May 2011

Where'd She Go?

So, this spring is slowly covering me in its dust! I've had some long range projects that I've been chipping away at, but nothing to show of merit! School and my independent studies have also occupied more of my time, and I'll be sad to see some of the seniors gradumacate!

BUT! Here are a few things I can show. Some character designs for a board game, and some book cover ideas!

Some fun news about this summer: I'm headed to Italy with Montserrat's Study Abroad program. I am BEYOND stoked to be Fred Lynch's TA in his journalistic drawing class. My mind is about to explode with sketchbook ideas. Fred maintains the sketchbook blog of the student's work and you can find it here.

Now... to learn Italian. I was just getting a hold on French dagnabbit!

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Board game...?

Oh man Italy.... I've wanted to go. Heck I have a lot of place I want to go... alas... I can not. Have fun and make awesomes!