17 August 2011

3x3 Children's Show No. 8

What a great week!
I received news that one of my images from Princess and The Golden Fish, published in Cricket Magazine, has received a silver award in the 3x3 Children's Show. I could not be more pleased!

The image is one of 10-13 images for a four part story, written by Eugie Foster. It's from the third installment, and called for a close up as the story's climax neared. Often, I am dreading searching for imagery online, so Photobooth is my best option. I've seen Joe Quinones' great photobooth posts on his blog, and this inspired me to add my own.

Well... you got to make due with what you got, right? More typically, the animals are photo-bombing left and right.




Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Your work is so AMAZING Kelly.. Really. Breathtaking. Congrats on yet another award. You deserve them all.. :o)

Vincent Desjardins said...

Congratulations on the award for your beautiful illustration!