10 August 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

When I was not feeling up to concentrating on my ink washes, I had my trusty sketchbook in hand. Viterbo has more than enough cafe chairs and fountain edges to rest upon. I think it was secretly meant for us journalistic drawers. While taking a seat and sketching the great signs, I was always torn: Diet Coke or Beer. Same price... one's much better. Now, I was able to find a decent beer in Italy. No hating, but it's not a country known for its brews. Menabrea* was quite tasty, and I highly suggest their Ambrata. I'll have a review up shortly!

*Warning: Menabrea's site is teh suxor! Right up there with my queue on Alitalia. It's not really a country born out of efficiency. Just sayin'! But damn, they got siesta right!

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