20 February 2007

Attention à la Marche!!

Around noon everyday, I settle in to work and to watch my favorite game show. I do like Millionare, but Attention à la Marche is head to head. The reason? Les Potes (translates as "buddies")! They are these crazy CGI dancing blobs that are so rediculous, I can't stop laughing. Basically, it's a guessing game, kind of like Family Fued in the States, where they typically poll people and ask the four contestants what they think is the right percentage. Some of the questions are really easy, so a bit harder. Why I like it, is that they show the question written and then also say it and talk about it. Putting my visual learning skills to work. Oh ok, it's the blobby Potes! At the end, I quite haven't figured it out. The four contestant eventually lose deux potes, making them sit out for the rest of the game. The person who makes the closest guesses to the answers keeps their potes and head on to the final round, where they are asked a series of questions. The last question has four tv screens and they have to pick the correct number, where an amount of money they won lies behind the correct answer. The slow-motion shot of their reactions is just icing on the cake.

So Attention à la Marche, thank you... or should I say mercy buckets!
There are more beer reviews coming up, too, so stay tuned!


Furball said...

As amusing as those purple blobs seem, I'm sure they can't hold a candle to a Whammy!!!

Liz said...

wow- that sounds downright surreal!