19 February 2007

More Sketching

This is a sketch that a friend had requested for a special little lady. now, it's a little mushy for my taste, but it's what was desired. Going off my theme of sad girls and water, this is a coquettish girl with frozen water... maybe it's similar? She should be sad and then it would make me happy. But don't listen to me.

After living here in Paris for a month, I'd like to say I am happily acclimated. The langauge is still tricky, but through watching gameshows and documentaries, I feel I am picking up on certain words faster than before. Speaking it... I am still worse than a 2 year old. It's mildly amusing! I've been working alot these last few weeks, which has forced me indoors. The weather being so nice today, I decided to give myself a bit of a break to go with Lily to discover my neighborhood. It's so nice. My favorite buildings are the older ones, with small windows and balconies, made with wood frame and stucco. So pretty. I want to start drawing them ALOT. The flowers are really coming out here now, with even the magnolia trees starting to bloom. Small daisies sprinkly the small grass greens as well.

Habits I really want to keep when it's time for me to head home:
-Using canvas bags when shopping instead of plastic
-no more drinking 2 liters of Diet Coke a day
-take time off on the weekends

Things I will enjoy when back home:
-Grossly long showers, where I can take 2 steps left and right and not be assaulted by a shower curtain
-My mum
-My Mama (the cat)


Q said...

Free weekends are good!

I'm down for walking whenever you want...providing you don't mind me screaming "LILY PACE!" at you every so often! I also still want to get a new bike, so lemme know if you feel the urge to pedal, as well.

I can boast of my good intentions now, because the feeling has finally returned to my legs!

Abigail said...

The drawing is lovely. And I'm so jealous reading about Paris!