13 February 2007

Slowly but Surely

So, the spray I got, made by Talens didn't quite have the result I was hoping for. I bought two types. One Picture Varnish Glossy for Oil Colour and the other Acrylic/Oil Colour. It works the same as Crystal Clear over watercolor, but when trying to use either over the oil layer, disaster!! So, my search continues for a Crystal Clear source, but I will have to continue with the watercolor techinique. I've had some very helpful people give some guidance on supplies here in Paris, but the spray remains elllllllusive.

The BHV proved to be a great source for art supplies... and everything else that I would like to buy! My new favorite store, thanks for the recommendation Maral et Antoine! I almost dropped 100 euro in the children's book department. I only wanted a lightbulb and those tempting books almost broke my budget. There is something substantially different about the illustrative look in european childrens market. I can't nail exactly what it is, but I like it... ALOT. Enough that it makes me want to bust the hump more and show some stuff to these publishers. I have some summer plans for a better portfolio though, so perhaps we'll wait.

I did some sketching this weekend after visiting some of the city's cimetries... but the scanner is misbehaving. I hope to have it up and running tomorrow. Sheesh! It might be time for me to bite the bullet and get myself my own laptop. We'll see.

In the meantime, here's my new setup. Still hunched over, but enjoying the bustling street below.

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