04 April 2007

And They're Off!

Tomorrow, April 5th, 2007, my seventh picture book Gallop O' Gallop will jolt from the starting gate and onto the shelves in a bookstore near you! Written by Sandra Alonzo and published by Dial Book for Young Readers, I hope this book finds a special place in your own personal library. Reach way back, to the days you'd run around with your friends pretending you were Swift Wind from She-Ra and neighing furiously through the playground... shoot... that was just me, wasn't it. Uuugh, well regardless we all love horses and the beauty and strength they embody. I am postitive the poems collected in this book will inspire your own inner Swift Wind!

Buy Gallop O' Gallop here!

Here's a picture my dad took way back when I first started to ride. This was taken shortly after years of daily heckling to let me take lessons. Look at that fine horsemanship! Now, years out of practice, I doubt I can even put a foot in the stirrup. Still won't stop my new dream vacation of Mongolia on horseback!