17 April 2007

Illustration Friday: Fortune 2

Because I am so tired of doing safe, suckass too close to reality crap. And I know it's the product of me doing generic bullshit for companies that tell me my artwork was "disappointing". Too bad I can't tell them that their product is second rate eBay foder. They could only be so lucky to be that. Sorry. I just need to start making artwork that I like. It's the only way I actually can convince myself to stay in this business. It's so hard to be positive 100% and always have blog entries all perky and inspirational about a new piece you made today. No. I reidd this one out of sheer anger. You might see this drawing a few more times until I suck out it's venom.


Andrew Marathas said...

haha I know exactly what you mean, in terms of doing work for yourself as opposed to doing safe, conforming work. It's an easy thing to toss around as an intellectual concept - working personally and working professionally; but there really is something to be said about just going with how you naturally want to work.

I should have a fortune piece up, soon, once I figure out the ins and outs of Illustration Friday.

m.b said...

Hi Kelly - just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work! I just picked up one of your books this weekend, Fiona's Luck. Beautiful, just beautiful.

I know exactly what you mean about doing work you really enjoy versus doing the work your clients want. There's always that creative sacrifice, right? Despite their bad taste, you always have to give them what they want. It's crazy to think people that are absolutely NOT capable of doing this work themselves can tell you it's 'disappointing' in the end. Especially when most of the time they never knew what they wanted in the first place - they only know what they don't want once they've seen it!

I'm really trying to make the move to fulltime freelance illustration myself, and I think you're a great inspiration. Keep up the good work - the work you love and brings you joy, because it will keep you going.

Thanks so much just for sharing!

kelmurphy said...

Thanks guys. I guess it's just the tricky of being an illustrator. I guess all professions have their hang ups, and you just have to know how to take the punches and move one. Looking back on it, I feel really bratty for reacting offended, but you have to blow off steam because it motivates you to keep forcing yourself to betterment. I am convinced that a HUGE part of this profession is disgusting stubborness and determination. Good thing I am a brat as well, to throw in extra attitude.

I appreciate your kind words tons!

(this guy was a real douchecan though, starting off the rant with "I know a thing or two about art". If I find his car, I'll still sugar the gastank)

Andrew Marathas said...

As soon as he starting his rant with that, I would've thrown a piece of paper and pen at him and demanded a drawing of his car being keyed.

That is the trick, though. We're distinct from most professions, though, as we put a lot of our strengths and faith in the fact that what we do and how we do it will attract like-minded clients. I'm basically of the thinking nowadays that I'm going to work the way I want and the work will just come out of it. We'll see how that works in application, though. It's great, in theory!