01 April 2007

Enter the Dragon

So, back from France... very sad, but still looking forward to spring. NOT looking forward to the amount of work that is here. I have been motoring away for the ninth picture book, entiteld Hush, Little Dragon (Harry N. Abrams). I am using the oil medium instead of the watercolor now, and it's giving me a much softer look... I think I like it? There have been so many paintings in the last few weeks that I don't know what's what anymore. There she goes! "Would you like some cheese with that whine?"

Also here is another spread from Brand New Baby Blues... near completion... 2.5 years later.


tracers said...

Yay! Being Productive! No time off! Weekend... hahaha! Hey, at least it's not Canadia ;)

The colors look warm and glowing... lovely!

Sal Darji said...

I think the baby dragon looks like Lily. I'd much rather piss Lily off than a dragon. Imagine if the dragon had submissive fire-breathing issues. You'd have to buy new pants all the time.

Q said...

Ok, the knight with his butt on fire? Love him. The baby dragon's adorable. I want one. I'll keep him in the basement. No one will ever know!