09 August 2007

AYFKM? I got a BWSNOTW Award!


How pumped am I, and I never knew I got this! Apparently, Enchiridion over at (parenthetical aside) gave me the honor of being the first ever Best WebSite Name of the Week Award. More and more reassurance that I am doing ok with my blog name. I'm G Rated! I'm fun for all! I got proof!

Now for serious, I need to get back to what's really important and write more beer reviews.

Summertime ≠ workyworks time.
Sumertime = cooldownwithanicemaltedbeverage time.
Summertime ≥ passingoutwithhotdogsstillinyourmouth time.

Bedtime for Bongos!
Insanity has set in.

1 comment:

Sal Darji said...

Thats awesome. Congratulations!

I should change my blog name to "What the F*ck is that Sal Guy rambling about now?"