03 August 2007

Battle Scars

I have a hard time throwing out things. Old birthday cards, hoodies with good memories, dedicated toothbrushes... I have a bit of a problem. One thing I try to never throw out are dead brushes. They mean too much to me and at one time were critical members of my creation staff. Sure, there are favorites, but you try not to admit it. After all, you're supposed to love each one equally. So I decided that one day, when I actually have a decent sized studio, I would create a Wall of Fame where I could frame them eternally in their own shadow box. It would kind of operate as a memory lane. Below, is a picture of some of the key members in the brush tube right now. Some are on the brink of retirement, but they're still hanging out before I start the next ginormous project.

1-3.) are my dedicated oil brushes. Since I've been working more and more with oils, they've been getting more usage other than just gessoing paper. 2. and 3. were pre-college days, and I believe are the oldest of the lot, dating back to 1988. I think my mum bought them at Christmas Tree Shops!

4-5.) Their distinctive shape is reminiscent of the Good Babies book. Because of the sand texture I used on every painting, as I wiped off the watercolor layer, it took off teeny bristles from my brushes. These guys are donezo.

6.) This group makes me laugh. I call them the "Poofed Crew". For some reason, it's always this brand and alway this size that inevitably poofs. The little filberts. I love them though. I go through these every couple paintings.

7.) Oh dear lord. This guy. He's hurting, dragging his leg behind him, blinded by Turpenoid fumes. This is my little oil filbert. He's soooo warped from becoming loose on his handle, so I've had to bite down on the metal part to make him stay on. Pieces of metal have broken off near the bristle base. *He's the favorite right now*.

8.) My bigger oil filbert, in much better condition than his cousin.

9.) Another "Poof Crew", but with water damage. Oops! Sometimes chunks of paint from the handle end up in paintings. Don't leave your brushes in water like me!

10.) The pristine, one-hair-er! This guy is almost untouchable. He's stays inside the dark tube until the very end. When the eyes need highlights, or there needs to be a title on a book the duck is reading. He's the DH of brushes, but is a little too princess-y to really mess around with the rest of the crew.

So there you have it.
I know. I am completely mental. I also can't say goodbye to the brush tube (also dating back to 1988) and my water bucket. It was a memento of a trip to the circus, where I enjoyed a whole bucket's worth of cotton candy. It was delish. One day, these fellas will get their place on the wall.

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Andrew Marathas said...

haha You're completely mental, true, but I think that's okay. Still dry the paint water off your brushes with your mouth? Nothing beats the initial reaction of the illustration class to that one.