05 August 2007

The Wisdom of Youth

Thought I'd share some images from a school visit this past spring. I always get a bit nervous when presenting to rooms full of 100+ students. Heck, I get nervous in front of five students. Typically, I try to remain as honest as I can. I try to keep their attention as much as possible. Note the *shock and awe* approach in the pictures. Wild hand gestures keep them awake. Afterwards, I was asked if I drink a lot of caffeine.

"Yes. I drink more than you can fathom."

Pretty perceptive. This following visit was particularily entertaining. Apparently we had quite the comedy troop, and I walked right into their trap.
"My friend has a question! It's a really good one!"
"Ok, it better be. What's on your mind?"
A few sucker punches between them...
"So, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Um... well... I'm not too sure what that has to do with books, but yes, I do."
After this he puts his hand down. "Phew", I was thinking. "Escaped the hot seat there." Man, these kids were mounting up to be worse than the gossip ring at a family function. Because I have the memory of a goldfish, I came back to his outstreched and flailing hand at the end of the Q&As.
"Yup, you got a question?"
"So, you're not married, right?"
"Oh no, you again."
"Will you marry me?"
"Well, give it 20 yrs little dude and gimme a ring. You never know, right?"

Hey, this kids's smart. He knows to act fast. Go get em, fella!
And yes, he's the chap with raised eyebrows next to me.


tracey said...

it's always good to have a back up man... or boy in this case! maybe he'll grow up to be rich and want to supposrt a poor artist with a aging bristle pig!

Sal Darji said...

Back up man, huh? I'm disappointed that you wasted a perfectly good opportunity to teach the kids about beer.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the back up man?!


Andrew Marathas said...

Priceless. New work up, by the way. Check 'em out.