08 December 2007

Bottle Cap Coolness

Tooling around on the interweb this morning (did I mention the lack of a looming book deadline?) brought me to a pretty amazing site. Bottle Cap -O- Rama. Things typically named -O- Rama hold a special place in my heart, especially Weinorama in little Rhodey. But Bottle Cap -O- Rama is quite a dedcated place. There's comfort to me in collecting small objects, that for the most part go unlooked. Mr. K, the collector, has gone all out. He wanted something relatively cheap, easy, and fun to collect. He found the variety of designs, colors, and bottles to be interesting. Plus, if Mr. K actually buys a beverage to get the bottle cap, He gets to try a unique drink. I hear ya chirping Big Bird.

But what is even more fascinating is how he stores his collection. Currently he is using CD cases to store the bottle caps. He rip out the black CD tray, leaving the clear, plastic case. One empty container fits 18 bottle caps in a hexagonal pattern. Mr. K goes into more detail about this whole system on his website. I totally recommend taking a looksee. I love this level of dedication.

For another amazingly dedicated page of collecting, check out Brand Name Pencils. The site is really pretty.

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murphy girl said...

yes! i love little things, too; see my blog for this week's illo friday, i included a picture (bit fuzzy, sorry) of my little things collection!