14 December 2007

A Brand New Cover

Just finished up the final painting, which for me is always the cover. Perhaps other illustrators sequence their paintings differently, but I always make sure to sketch and paint the cover last. I think it's a better way to summate the colors and theme of the entire book. Ok, maybe I am just yanking your chain, and it's that I procrastinate and can't come up with a good enough sketch until the publisher is knocking down my door. That's a lie,too. All of my publishers have been very kind and patient. It's my own catholic guilt getting to me. Regardless, here's the cover.

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Andy J Smith illustration said...

Definitely makes sense to do the cover last.. at least for me too. You know what the book is about and how it feels. It think it's easier to establish that feel in the book first and then transfer that to the cover, then just making one cover illustration and basing the whole visual mood/message from that single illustration into the entire interior. Blah Blah Blah... anyway, great cover! Time to do some work!