30 December 2007

Oh cheerio, it's but a wee jaunt to London!

Well, got to London and they threw this parade for me!! Oh, how silly. I am teasing. But it does look like I will be heading to London for New Years night after all. I'm pretty excited because I haven't been able to add another country to my list in sometime. England is totally foreign to me, and even though my family jokes that I am the great world traveler, I so am not. I mainly return to places I am comfy with. So after a few baguette and cheese platters, the train takes off around noon tomorrow. May I wish everyone a very safe, very merry New Years Day! And remember, there's no better feeling than to awake with out a smashing headache. I fully intend to make it the 4th consecutive sober's eve.

Cheers et bisous à tous!

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