05 January 2008

Another Successful New Yeras... *hick*

Oh, just teasing! I did succeed in having another tame New Years, which makes me very happy. We arrived in London on December 31st by Eurostar which was a might comfortable ride. After wandering around a bit at the National Portrait Gallery, trucking down into Trafalgar Square, and almost flying out of the double decker bus (they drive like MADMEN), we ended up at Vauxhall. Passing the Royal Vauxhall Tavern that early evening, no one would have thought it a raging club, but by 11:45pm... "wow" is the only word to describe it. Bald men beware that night!! We made our way down to the banks of the Thames to see the fireworks in front of the London Eye, and appologetically the pictures are quite lame compared to the experience. It was a mighty fun time, even if I was ankle deep in river sludge. The next day, on the way back in to the city, the RVT was still thumping. Impressive for 3:00pm, and still enveloped with bald men. All and all it was a 26 hour visit, and I didn't get to see the more popular sites of London, but from what I saw it seems like a very fun place. The pubs are beautiful there, all with awesome names like the White Cross, Slug and Lettuce, or Pig and Prawn (or something like that). Perhaps one day I will be able to go again. Cheerio and pip pip!


CREATIVEGoddess said...
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CREATIVEGoddess said...

Very cool!! Wait, I know it was cold, I was in Edinburgh enjoying Hogmanay!!

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