23 January 2008

An Abundance of Sketching

Since almost all of my long term projects are over (still shaking from the very notion), my brain has been on an almost far worse overdrive. MAKE SOMETHING GOOD. LEARN SOMETHING NEW. PROMOTE. Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping much, but I have been trying to calm myself down, and not take things at such a fever pitch. I do have so many things I'd like to experiment with, but I am so nervous that something to engage my time for the next year is on the doorstep. Ahhh, the freelance panics. And they wonder why we hide indoors for days. It's because we're a roller coaster of frustration: HAPPY SAD SAD SAD CONTENT ANGRY OHWAITIFEELABITBETT.... OHGODNOPE MAD MAD MAD MAYBEISHOULDGOTOAMOVIETODA... ASSGETBACKTOWORK WORK WORK WORK!

A sketch from another plane flight. Tumultuous ocean!
Lots of sketching these days. Here's more.

And one of a strapping Grecian, just because I typically give the ladies more of a spotlight.

Pierre Jean David (dit David D'Angers)
Louvre, Paris France


Anonymous said...

Great sense of pattern in the 'wolves' one. The girl holding a fish looks sad, or lost?

red-handed said...

Jump, wolves! Jump!

Eli said...

I really like the black wolves too, really great movement to it.