16 January 2008

Around the Town

Well, my stay here in Paris is yet again coming to a close. I've actually gotten out this time to see a bit of the sites, and it was marvelous to see the holiday season come and go. New Years seems so long ago. Before I sign off, I wanted to share a few pictures of these past few weeks. The first assortment are from Printemps window displays. I think they were somewhat inspired by À la croisée des mondes : La Boussole d'or (otherwise known as the Golden Compass). Here are a few pictures of the diplays.

The above picture is one of the animatronic displays they have each year. This year they had white Nordic stuffed animals, dancing and partying to some twinkling music. They were pretty amazing. The past years have included robots and dish ware, too. Because I did not want to fight the mad crowds in front of the windows, nor stop late at night to be accosted by a smelly bum, I didn't take any video, but this fantastic person did! Thank you crazy person who elbowed their way to the front!

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Anonymous said...

This is incredible! I wish there was something like that here in Bristol!