20 January 2008

Thank You Chicago Public Library!

I was delighted and honored to be informed by my friends at Charlesbridge that Fiona's Luck was named as a Bookmania book to get in 2007!

Give a child the gift of reading! Encourage the child in your life to read books that make them laugh, take them on trips to faraway places, or simply make them wild about books. The Chicago Public Library suggests these children’s books, all published in 2007, as perfect gifts for any occasion, all year round.

Crafty Creatures
Fiona’s Luck
By Teresa Bateman, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
Charlesbridge, Ages 7-11
Anyone who gets to enjoy this delightful original Irish folktale is as lucky as a leprechaun.

This bit of news totally lifted my spirits, since I am just back from Paris. Thanks so much again CPL.

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