31 January 2008

Bombed Again at the Bombardier

One of my favorite (or should a type favourite) pubs in Paris is the Bombardier right next to the Pantheon. I know... a English pub in France, what's wrong with me. The atmosphere is so cozy though, and mighty condusive to drunk drawing! It's one of my favoUrite social past times. Looking abck at the drawings, they act as a visual dictation of the topics discussed around the table that night. Scarily enough, my personailty is screaming through: an abundance of Ghostbuster characters, a to-do list, a map of the Bristish Isles, drawings of Lily, and a bouncing unicorn. Frightening. Also featured, a sad girl getting a Duncan hat (a friend's Great Dane will rest his drooly lips on visitor's heads, thus becoming their hat) and some Japanese artifacts. I scanned in both sides, since it was done on a piece of trace.

Antoine Revoy was my cohort in this catastrophe!


∆ Ebenezer Archer Kling ∆ said...
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∆ Ebenezer Archer Kling ∆ said...

This is awesome. Pretty funny too. Drunk drawing is the true life force.

Tempestmir said...

Oh Gods...this was the beginning of the end...from drawing to dancing...damn you, Mizet!