27 January 2008

Four Years!

I've never felt "seasoned" in my profession, and I am not too sure I ever will. It's one of those careers where someone is always doing more than you, whether it be in skill level or quantity. But honestly, when I look back at consecutive jobs, I do kind of sort of want to put a feather in my cap. One of the projects I look the most forward to each year is Shakespeare on the Sound's annual theater poster. This year was Julius Caesar, and my fourth in a row. I absolutely love sketching out ideas for them. Being a ginormous fan of the polish poster movement, I shamelessly rip them off... unsucessfully. But regardless, this client gives me the opportunity to go great guns on concept... or at least more than I am used to. Above are the last four years: Tempest, Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. Below are some sketches for this year's Julius Caesar. Oddly enough, the finish products seem to be focused on eyes and noses. Maybe a bit of my own personal likes are shining through! Mayhaps in the next post, I will show all of the previous sketches. Mayhaps!

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Eli said...

These are all great, I'm torn between the Tempest and Macbeth as my fave.