16 April 2008

Kids Are Way Cooler Than Me

I was going through some folders and stumbled upon my stack of drawings gifted by some new friends from book presentations. This particular lot came from the time I shared Good Babies with Portland Maine. I was graciously invited by Kirsten Cappy from Curious City. Everyone of their Lunchbox Series events are spectacular. Such a wonderful group of enthusiastic booklovers. I HAD to post some of these drawings.

Honestly, these trolls are way more imaginative than mine! Such personality!

And the ease of shape to make the witch! I might rip this poor child off and draw a whole flock of birds like this.

And this one... Bianca, you will put me out of a job one day. This alligator possesses more fright and energy that I could ever do. RAD.

Hahahaha! So conceptual... Brad Holland, eat your heart out.

And this delightful number was obviously done by Youssef, one of the sweetest boys I've ever met. He simplified my character down to essential marks, and it is, indeed, way cooler than what I could ever come up with.

So, I think I have about a few more years before this talented lot of children put me out of a job. Better get cracking.

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