22 April 2008

A Manuscript Revisited...

...about six years later. I think it's a commonly known fact I am not a very confident writer. I'm not too sure, maybe it's those reports and papers I bombed on. Who likes to proofread, really? In all honestly, I have grown to enjoy the writing process more and more. Don't get me wrong, the self doubt is enormous, but I am the challenge of simplification and subtlety, specifically on a children's level, is satisfying. These next few images are from a manuscript idea about the pursuit of love; just when all hope is lost, love can find you.

With some people's suggestion, the originally story changed from love to friendship.

But, after brewing a few years, I think children understand love on a more pure level than adults, so I switched it back to a quest for love and acceptance. I went back to more comfortable compositions, ones that come to more naturally, and really embellished the environment on the new manuscript.

But finding love is still trixy in this version!

Let's hope this manuscript finds a little love at the publishers!


sheree said...

what a great book idea! it makes me laugh --- esp. the illo of the dog with his nose bandaged up and the text above his head!

i hope to see this book at the bookstore!!!

*and i love that you brought it back to its original idea. :)

∆ Ebenezer Archer Kling ∆ said...

Friendship is love anyway.