25 January 2010

Evolution of Matilda's Cover

I've been putting together a smattering of sketches for an upcoming show (which I plan to announce soon) this coming February. It got me pulling out all of the padded envelopes and plastic bags that hold the past sketches for book projects. It's amazing where I can shove this stuff! Under couches, in between bookcases, behind cabinets... I truly fantasize the day I can have a nice flat file. Right now, the majority of all my past art lies in a small closet in the eaves. Not exactly the best place, but at least I know where the majority of the artwork resides. To find exactly WHERE and in WHAT envelope is another story.

I had come across the series of cover sketches for Dancing Matilda, and thought it might be fun to share the different version that came before the printed cover. To be frank, I like the other versions a little bit better. But what I like and what the marketing departments think/know what will sell are two different things. I typically don't make a fuss and trust what their experience knows!

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