24 January 2010

Monday Night Sketching

The best part about moving to a new place was our downstairs neighbors. Evan Larson and Ann Smith Larson are fellow graduates , co-workers, and long-time friends. I was so excited when we committed to having sketch nights together. It was an excuse to pick up the sketchbook again, put down the other deadlines for about two hours, and just talk and draw. Naturally, not having done this in sometime proved to be quite difficult. I ended up drawing their magical cats, Professor Rufus Devious Esq. and Donald Duck Don. Hopefully next time I can get to some more sophisticated concepts.

Oh, and ps.) I've had to go on a beer diet. The acceleration of weight gain this winter has been in direct relation to the amount of malted bevies. I might start to make Mastadon noises if I don't drop a few pounds!


Dyana said...

Excuse me.

What concept could possibly be more sophisticated than Donald?

kelmurphy said...

I wish i could insert the picture of him caught in the spindles of the chair. CLASSIC.

Anonymous said...

You and Ann are neighbors? That's too cool!