27 January 2010


At Montserrat College of Art, what typically happens every mid-winter is something magical. It's the Illustration Theme show. It's that chance for students to create artwork over the break in any media/technique that they want, all in the name of one subject. This year... ZOMBIES! I don't consider myself a zombie aficionado (oh and they do exist!), but I decided that I should also take this opportunity for creating something fun and different.

My idea: Chihuahuas are the only animals zombies can own, because they don't have a brain. I can say this because I have one that I love very much, but let's face it... she doesn't have a whole lot going on up there. Well, ok, to be fair to her... she does constantly have the words "pupperoni", "ride", and "who's here" stuck in head.

I am very excited to see what all of the students, alumni, and faculty have for the show!

If you want to see the show:
Montserrat College of Art
301 Gallery
301 Cabot Street Beverly, MA 01915

February 8-19, 2010

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