05 December 2006

Dragons and Draggin'!

We had our first snow of the season, here... finally! And although the transition from unusually mild weather to bitterly cold temperatures was quick, it's a welcome one for me! I'm happier with eight layers on. Typically, the holiday season for me is insane and this year prooves it true once again. But I feel as though I finally have my projects under control. I am painting finishes for Brand New Baby Blues, starting another crazy big project for a toy company, sketching out the third season poster for Shakespeare on the Sound, and getting approval on my ninth picture book Hush Little Dragon, by Boni Ashburn. Below are a few of the spreads. I am actually really excited to start painting these. The color palette will be very reminiscent of the medieval manuscripts, with rich golds, pinks, and blues.

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Jennifer Syas said...

This book looks really exciting! Will it be in cut paper like the dragon you've already done? I can't wait to see how it turns out!