14 December 2006


I've been tagged by Sweet Pea! I'm not quite to sure what this means, but I feel a bit like a Texas Steer. I'll try not to moo too much.

4 jobs I have had:
  • Part-time Faculty at the Montserrat College of Art. Just wrapped up the beginning of my forth year there, and I am so lucky to have met the students I have over the years. *awww*
  • Gallery Monitor during my college years. That was the best damn job ever. They actually pay you for that.
  • Strawberries! Movies, Music, and More... How may I help you?
  • Lead Paint Scraper. Now, I was a college student, in desperate need of money. But with the huge dilemma of needing a good tan in the summer. And I have to admit, the tan was rocking that year. Bloodstream.... not so good.

4 movies I could (and have) watch over and over:

  • Amelie
  • Glory
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Tombstone
  • I have soooo many more though...

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now):

  • Ok, I'm sheltered!
  • Kellycrazyland
  • Rhode Island (very similar to Kellycrazyland though)
  • Paris in less than a month!

4 TV shows I love (lord, this will be embarrassing):

  • Masterpiece Theater/PBS
  • Most Extreme Challenge
  • Anything of TLC, Bravo (Ooh! I miss cable! Project Runway), Nat'l Geo Channel, Animal Planet...
  • Bachelor, Laguna Beach, Flavor of Love, RR/RW Challenges (ok, I will stop)

4 places I have been for a vacation:

  • Civil War Battlefields, with my parents when I was younger. LOVED IT.
  • Ireland
  • Drove across the US in eight days with a great friend and saw every Waffle House you can shake a bowl of grits at.
  • Oooooh, Brussels! All about the Atomium, friends. Make sure to see it when sleep deprived. Much funnier.

4 websites I visit daily (more dorkiness!):

4 favorite foods:

  • Instant potatoes
  • Candy (Skittles, Circus Peanuts, Swedish Fish, Hairbo's I can't get here)
  • Bread
  • Salt and Vinegar chips... oh hell, any chips.

4 places I would rather be:

  • In bed
  • 4 years ago, before I hurt my knee... skiing and skating with glee.
  • By my mum's pool, on the lounge chair with cat Clancy and Lils on the other chair. Note the subtle humm of Cicadas. HEAVEN.
  • Back in school, with all my friends.
Now, I think I am supposed to hog tie, I mean tag four other people. FOUR... hmmm, the mystical number it is. Trrrricky devil, number four.

Linda S. Wingerter


Furball said...

Is that lead paint scrapper as in the person in charge or Lead paint scrapper as "led" as in paint with metal in it? If it's "led" then that explains alot. Alot! 8-)

kelmurphy said...

Lead (Pb?) as in the element that causes mental illness. Hold your tongue peanut gallery. Did I know it was lead paint at the time? NO. Hence, them hiring a desperate college student. It was at a pretty big farm, so I did all the scraping and painting of outbuildings. YAY for infertility!