11 December 2006


This past weekend was a festive one indeed. A chance to get out of the studio, and participate in some holiday cheer! I have to admit! Iwas really jazzed by some of the costumes. I saw a Bob Cratchett, a Mardi Gras Santa, all 9, 11 or whatever amount of reindeer there are, and an Elvis! The best part was just being goofy with my core Santa's and handing out candy canes to all who would accept them. But, as luck would have it, in a wild pantomiming session, Santamime tweaked her already injured knee. Honestly, there were no spirits involved in these actions (ok, not enough spirits to warrant it as a "drunk" fall). The right leg is back to being braced, the girl is hobbling, and honestly praying she didn't tear a miniscus or anything else in that god forsaken joint. Next year...? NO skipping and hopping for Ms. Gimpy Knee.

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kelmurphy said...

*UPDATE: I have indeed injured my knee further. Possible MCL and posterior somethingwhatsy are torn in addition to the ACL. Yay for surgery!!