18 February 2009

From Inside The Desk Cave

Today, I dared to delve inside the compartment inside my desk. I have this awesome 50+ year old desk I hocked from my school days that has these great compartments for storage. The only problem, if you slide your work in there, you might not see it again for a few years! Typically when projects are finished, and specs and sketches can be put away, I let the desk monster eat them. Paintings too large to fit in my portfolio boxes are also allocated for this area.

I wanted to scan a few in, as past work, some from the school days:

These were a series of engravings and soft ground printmaking techniques from around 1999 or so? I remember shedding blood on the engraved plates, thanks to a slipped burin.

From time to time I like to do imaginative landscapes with watercolor on gesso. This must have been from a few years back, since I had ZERO recollection of it!

And last but not least, a sad man and a lost girl. Some thing never change. The girl must have been inspired when I first started out, taking trains to New York, feeling confused, in a gross orange cloud of obscurity...?

Thanks for looking! Now I shoved all of it back inside the desk cave to rediscover in another five years. Man, I need a flat file.

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Lauren said...

It's like your own time capsule!