28 October 2007

Chat Rabbit Chatter

If you haven't heard about it yet, Robert's Snow is about to fall! "Robert's Snow" is a children's story about a mouse not allowed in the snow. Children's book illustrator Grace Lin wrote the book, which was inspired by her husband Robert's battle with Ewing's sarcoma. After the book was published, Grace gathered artists from all over the children's book illustrating community to create special snowflakes to be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting sarcoma research at Dana-Farber. These snowflake auctions became known as the event "Robert's Snow."

Well, the wonderful ladies at 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast have concoted a plan to interview all the artists and creators behind this event in order to emphasize Grace and Robert's incredible message. They are calling it "Blogging for the Cure". I was lucky enough to be interviewed by long time and incredibly talented friend Liz Goulet Dubois. Her wonderful blog entitled Chat Rabbit (which includes spectacular and sometimes frightening posts (especially about spiders the size of a human's head in her garden)) has posted our recent candid conversation.

I am once again honored to be included in this years auction, and am so excited to bid on (and dream about owning) some of the snowflakes this year! Good friend Dan Santat's 2004 snowflake will forever hang proudly in the center of my studio. So listen up! Everybody mark your calendar and get ready to bid bid bid!

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ChatRabbit said...

Thanks for being so forthcoming with great material- it was eaassssyyyy writing about you!