20 October 2007

Seven Pounds of Pure Sugar

My fashion guru friend Harper Della-Piana and her shop are celebrating her first year anniversary with a bang! A whole special day of glamorous shopping, refreshments, and a benefit raffle to help others! 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit Citizens for Adequate Housing Inc. I was honored when she asked me to create a cake for the event. And what a hot mess I have made. This thing is... heavy. A bit neurotic looking, hopefully it will feed all those attending the event. I do like making cakes, but by the time I am finished with the whole thing, I am so sick of the smell of sugar, that I never have a piece of the cake. People become very suspect of the refusal of my own sugary goodness. I don't taint the cake, it's just been absorbed through my skin from the hours of construction that I would simply pass out if I had one bite.

Visit Harper's SEAMS shop online! And also, she has a line of sweaters this holiday season at Urban Outfitters as a part of it's Urban Renewal Project. Check it out!

1 comment:

Furball said...

WoW! That's impressive. You definitly have more patience then I do for doing little details like that. It's really pretty. Given, it's no "Tits your birthday" cake but it is very pretty.