20 October 2007


With the fall season in full swing, the trees changing their color, and the wood stove smell in the air, I can't not be reminded of some of my favorite memories from New Hampshire. In turn, I remember the panaoramic view of Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washinton I had taken some years back. Missing New Hampshire, I just got depressed more... thinking of the times when my knee had ligaments and I could still hike. Oh well.

Which then got me to reviewing some of my other panoramic scenes!

Grand Canyon scenes from the LA to Boston car ride with Nat.

With a pit stop at the best damn dam, the Hoover.

Breaking the sound barrier in Nat's trusty Jetta on New Mexico.

And a coast road view in County Cork, Ireland.

I need to take more of these panoramas, methinks.

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Rafael Santiago said...

Cool photos!