16 October 2007

Nasty Hiatus!

Sorry about the span of weeks that have gone by. This fall is proving to be quite an action packed season, not exactly by choice. I've been slowly chipping away at some deadlines, which thrills me to no end, but unfortunatly la grippe has a hold on me! The only good thing about being sick this early in the season, is that I am getting it out of the way by the holidays. Hopefully. BUT, for viewing pleasure, here are some scans of the 38 chaptered novel I am finishing up for Henry Holt. I can safely say, I LOVED this project. I welcome any chapter novels in the future! It was really nice to work on drawing and not the often tedious task of painting.

Tylenol Severe Cold Head Congestion worked pretty decently. That's my recommendation. Godspeed and Bonne Chance! It's a killer.


FURBALL said...

It's amazing what you can do with just a piece of paper and a pencil (or what ever you are using to make these).

tracey said...

ahhh... such a relief to see you turn out a project that you enjoy, the client loves and you get paid for. if all jobs could be like this! i love the sketches!!!