31 October 2007

Keepon Keeping On

Some days, you just need something really simple to keep it together. Today, this was it for me. This little fella was created by Hideki Kozima. He is a scientist working on cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Hideki's major research interest is "the ability to imagine others' mind", which is the underlying core mechanism for interpersonal communication specific to human species. Where did it come from? How does it develop over time? Investigating these issues, he would like to make robots and artificial systems that have "the ability to imagine others' mind", which would enables them to understand people's feelings and pain, to make a promise with people, and then to live together with people in the community.

Mr. Kozima... anything that gives me a break from my posionous trap that is called my brain is a godsend. Who doesn't want one of these things!?


Furball said...

That's just awesome. I laughed for like the who vid. I don't know why.

Dee said...

When I first saw that video a month ago, I literally watched it 3 times in a row. (In the one I saw, Keepon was dancing to Spoon's "I Turn my Camera On".)It's hypnotizing! His adorable yellow booty shake doesn't hurt either. :) Definite mood lifter.

tracey said...

okay.. the little yellow blob is delightful on it's own... BUT it is that much better with the BENNY HILL theme song!

i actually found myself dancing along! I WANT ONE!