30 January 2007

Illustration Friday: Red

Here's another oldie, and I appologize yet again. Things are still stock piled, but I promise to create some new paintings!! This little number is from the land of the rising sun... the red rising sun.

29 January 2007

Working Away!

Well, things are going along smoothly, for the most part. I took off two concecutive weekends, something I haven't done is potentially years. It feels a bit weird, but I am getting to like it! Mostly just getting used to the neighborhood and some creepy window displays. This number here was in the Antique Market at the Louvre. Some funny stuff in there, but I'd basically have to sell most of my family members to afford anything.

Also here is the first sketch for the third season of Shakespeare on the Sounds poster for Comedy of Errors. But, as I type the sketch is headed in a different direction. I hope to be painting this by weeks end, and finished early next week. YIKES

And just to keep you posted, I still freeze like a deer when people talk to me in french. I feel like a slow motor starting in the wintertime. Pauvre bĂȘte.

23 January 2007

Salut from Boulogne!

Oh my gosh, it's been forever since I've written and I appologize. The weeks after the holidays were out of control busy, so I am now just getting a chance to write. I'm finally in France and finally settling in. Phew! Somethings I have to share with you if you ever plan to make a move to a foreign country:

1.) Companies don't like to ship aerosols. Imagine that. I've taken shaving cream on planes, but ooooooh no, you cannot take any art supplies. Crystal Clear is beyond essential in my painting process so I've had to find where it is sold in Europe. It basically ISN'T! So I found some watch polishing company in Switzerland who said they would ground ship it to my address, but that was over 2 weeks ago... and no crystal clear. I found an alternative though at Crea in the Saint Sulpice area, and it's called Picture Varnish Glossy. I'll keep you posted on it's results.

2.) French customs makes me laugh again. So, landing in Charles de Gaule with Lily... I had all my papers ready to show customs. You know, the papers I spent over $200 getting and over 2 months planning for. So I ask the agent about who I show them to... his face was amazing. It was a cross between, "Please go away" and "Who the hell cares about a little dog". So needless to say I laughed and walked on through. I still was paranoid and went to the baggage agent. She said the SAME thing. I am now super paranoid that Lily will not be allowed back into the states. I've called the USDA and they were equally as rude, saying they had no idea and they only dealt with exports. *sigh*. I've also contact the US Emabassy here, but no word back from them either. Next up to contact... the French Embassy. If they come and break down my door at 3am and steal my dog... learn from my mistake and just shut your mouth. I've told Lily that if they detain her, I'll start a fund and hire the best lawyers.

3.) Prepare for the smallest bathrooms and showers when you are here. I love that this place is VERY space conscious and actually has minimal waste regarding trash, but you have to draw the line when your shower is a maximum of 14" in diameter. But you know what? It's not so bad after day one.

Other than that, I am finally settling in and have a bunch of projects I am working on. The third poster for Shakespeare on the Sound is next and I will be sure to post pictures of it's progress. Sorry for the lapse in writing, I pormise to keep up and keep sampling some brews! I had one that had a pelican on it, but I forget it's name. Darn it... I'll just have to enjoy another one to remember!